Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Good morning fam!!

With all of the holiday hoopla and end of the year close out with the car business, people forgot about the big bash that WWW.INEEDACARTONY.COM will be the official sponsor of, THE ZODIAC BOWL!!!  What is the ZODIAC BOWL you ask?  Good question!  For years there have been theme parties targeting zodiac signs which have been successful.

I've done a few myself!!  I thought about one that could be done on a regular basis with 2 signs competing like a football game!! This 1st highly anticipated one will be Sagittarius Vs Capricorn.  Those 2 signs will receive special treatment the week of the event because it's yall's turn!!

The ZODIAC BOWL isn't just a cash cow designed to make a bunch of money.  There will be a charity component and a community building component as well.  Often there are massive parties where we have an opportunity to do something positive for the community and miss the opportunity. With the ZODIAC BOWL we will make sure we give back!

Stay tuned to WWW.INEEDACARTONY.COM and all social media vehicles associated for the date and venue!! ALSO ON ANOTHER NOTE....RIP TO MY GOOD FRIEND VIRGIL ROMAIN AKA THE KILLUMINATI KING!


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