Monday, January 5, 2015


After the madness we know as year in close out, I decided to take the 1st week of the year off!  It's the 1st vacation I've had in 15 months.  The funny thing is I plan on doing pretty much nothing, LOL.

I still am getting information request about cars and will continue to locate vehicles and serve my customers.  I'm very excited about the new INEEDACARTONY movement!  We are so focused on changing the way people shop for cars and educating the public on the entire process.

Our goal is to make sure you get the deal you couldn't get on your own in the past and the EXACT car you wanted.  Sounds simple right?!  There are other companies that practice a NO HAGGLE philosophy.  But we can do the haggling for you!!

We can let you know if you're getting the correct value on your trade! We can let you know if you are overpaying for the new vehicle or if it's a good deal! We can assist you with getting financed! We can also assist you with repairing your credit!!  As they say on social media, "WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?" lol.  WWW.INEEDACARTONY.COM  Tell a friend and bring a friend to THE SOCIAL MEDIA CARLOT!


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