Friday, January 16, 2015


HOW MUCH DOWN????? My favorite question, -_- lol.  Actually it's a very good question!! My answer is $5,000!!!! Kind of silly right?  Well let me explain like instructions to a game!  Down payment is based on a variety of things.  1.  Credit.  If your credit is strong enough you can get approved for 100% financing and have to put ZERO down!! Or if your credit is challenged you need anywhere from 10% of the vehicle to as much as 50% if you are really in dire straits!  As a rule of thumb try to have $1,500 down to pay the TT&L.  2.  TRADE.  Is there a trade involved?  If there is and you are upside down in it, you may have to come with a lump sum to offset the negative equity. 3.  CASH IS KING!

The more cash you put down the less risk you are asking the lender to take!  If you are a special finance customer this is important!! MAKE SENSE?  So I hope this answers everyone's question and #comeseeyaman! I can put you in the car of your dreams today!


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