Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Every year at income tax time people make the same mistake over and over,.... year by year!! They go buy a piece of junk from a tote the note lot with no warranty!  Then when the car breaks they have to choose between the repair and rent!  Stop buying BEATUP vehicles from SHADY car lots!  Do your homework!  Does the car have a clean CARFAX report?  Has it been in an accident?  How long are you planning on financing it?  Does it have over 100,000 miles?  If so the payment won't be that good on it!  You'll be paying a NEW CAR payment for a BUCKET!! USE YOUR HEAD!! You are a payment shopper!!! You need to get something newer with a warranty that you can finance for 72 months and it's reliable in order to repair your credit.  Then you may have a chance to get a nice vehicle NEXT YEAR when you get your income tax instead of another bucket!  Do what you like, just my 2 cents.  Hope this helps someone.  Go to this link and calculate your payment for 36 months on a $10,000 bucket and then do 72 months on a $18,000 new car.  Youu can buy a car from this guy pictured below or #comeseeyaman #ineedacartony.


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